A Mission to Unite

The Faith & Media Initiative is a nonprofit that connects and provides resources to a global, diverse network of media members, content creators, faith leaders, and community members to ensure accurate, balanced representation of all faiths in entertainment and journalism.

As important pillars of society, media and faith play a critical role. Our initiative serves the goals of both, by facilitating opportunities to collaborate together to:

  • Foster open, public dialogue about spirituality and diverse faith
  • Restore trust between faith, media, and the public
  • Encourage and support accurate, meaningful, and nuanced faith storytelling
  • Position media and faith as valuable resources to society

Faith & Media: A Brighter Future

The Faith & Media Initiative is partnering with the world’s most respected research institutions to provide original insights on the global landscape of faith and media, early identification of trends and opportunities, and a robust data resource for journalists, editors and content creators.
The Global Faith & Media Study is the first report available from the Faith & Media Index, a new platform launched by the Faith & Media Initiative.